Tuesday Victories | 10.17

Tuesdays are hard. They’re the sophomores of the week- you’re fully invested but not close to the end yet. Instead of feeling drained and irritated (ask any of my students- Tuesdays are the worst for me..whoops!), here are a few small victories- words, things, and moments- getting me through the week:

pumpkin patch

1. Little Local Pumpkin Patches- Matt and I stumbled upon a local fall festival last weekend and it was just adorable! Right in the middle of a neighborhood with a beautiful brick house on the property with parking in the grass and apple cider slushies and donuts. Perfect Saturday afternoon outing.


2. Hosea 6:1-3– I’m reading through the prophets in my Bible reading plan and while they made no sense to me last year, research and questioning and intentional reading strategies and prayer are leading me to understanding. These verses have been ringing in my head for weeks as I trust that the Lord tears us down so that he may heal us and strikes us down so that He may bind us up. Getting rid of sin is hard, but if reading Scripture is teaching me anything, it’s that God never ends in the anger or destruction of our sin, but rather in the redemption and the binding up and the healing.

3. One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church by Gina Dalfonzo– I had read a few articles by Dalfonzo in Christianity Today before finally picking up this book and shoot. dang. I read it most of it in one sitting during a work day at school while my students wrote essays because I could not put it down. She offers a fascinating critique of the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” purity culture as a potential reason for the increasing number of singles in the church and how the church can best respond to this incredible group of people who often feel left out and abandoned in mostly family-centered church cultures. And it’s more than just a critique, but also a beautiful picture of how all people, regardless of relationship status, are to live in community together in the local church. The audience for this book is really for anyone who is invested in their church and looking for a better way forward for all people to belong.


4. Companies like this: I went back home this past weekend and my mom treated one of my best friends (who is married to my brother’s best friend), my brother’s girlfriend (who we adore!) and me to painting custom wooden signs at a local business. We spent a few hours painting wood pallets and chatting and retouching our mistakes and all walked away filled with conversations and beautiful art for our homes. It was the best!

5. Q Commons– Indy friends! This event is one of my favorites. First of all, if you haven’t checked out Q Ideas yet, go do that now! Q Ideas is an organization that asks questions about current culture and how, as a faith community, we can respond lovingly and intentionally to a hard world. They have local events all over the world on October 26, including one downtown Indy, and the topic this year is “Healing our divided nation” because hello, that’s important right now. There will be 3 national talks live streamed and then 3 local talks from people in indy regarding this topic. Matt and I will be there and we are so looking forward to learning alongside people in our city (also- Q Commons was where we went on our 3rd date two years ago, so it’s also a sentimental thing for us too!). If you’re not in Indy, see if your city is on the list! Get tickets here.

6. Free of Me: Why Life is Better When It’s Not About You by Sharon Hodde Miller– THIS BOOK. Goodness gracious YES. Talk about a book that is deeply needed for right now. I finished this book this afternoon (thank you for extra reading time, fall break) and I already want to read through it again. Miller challenges her readers to, instead of covering insecurities and struggles with positive self-help talk, look to Jesus, since this is the better way according to Scripture. She explains what it really looks like to die to self and live in Christ and it’s through this truth that I’ve been finding so much freedom during the past several months.  Miller’s writings have been one of the chief voices the Lord has been using to usher me into this better way of submission and abundance with Jesus and I’m excited to see how the Lord is going to use her to teach more women about this truth.

Image 10-17-17 at 4.59 PM

7. Dance, Stand Run: The God Inspired Moves of a Woman on Holy Ground by Jess Connolly– I have been talking up this book for months and it comes out NEXT WEEK! Get ready, friends. It’s a good one. Currently looking for women to read this with, discussing either through the web or in real life or both! Let me know if you’re in. Pre-order this book now! I promise you’re not going to want to miss it.


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