Tuesday Victories | 3.13


Tuesdays are hard. They’re the sophomores of the week- you’re fully invested but not close to the end yet. Instead of feeling drained and irritated (ask any of my students- Tuesdays are the worst for me..whoops!), here are a few small victories- words, things, and moments- getting me through the week:

Ready or Not Blog

1. Ready or Not: Leaning into Life in Your Twenties by Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser- Because my friends and I are coming up on the 3-4 year mark of being out of college, a lot of us are starting to wonder about what’s next, especially vocationally, and this makes the timing of this book so perfect. Drew and Jess work at the college where I graduated, so I learned about this book through social media and immediately applied to be on the launch team. I’ve already read the first few chapters and if you’re a twenty-something wondering about what’s next or what to even do with this decade, you’re going to want to pick this one up for sure!

2. Jean days- it’s the week before our two-week spring break (any prayers would be appreciated by allll the teachers please and thank you) and there was a fundraiser where faculty and staff could pay to wear jeans for the week and I was all in. Honestly, putting on jeans and a fleece this morning made getting up today a tiny bit easier. It’s the little things, people.


3. This adorable little face- friends, if you haven’t already, meet our little Harper! Matt made my puppy dreams come true for my birthday this year and now we have our own fluffly, spunky, cuddly bernedoodle! She’s four months of energy and chewing and all the toys and kisses and we just adore her. Just look at her face! She’s the absolute cutest and we’re obsessed. If you want to follow along with all of her adventures, follow her on Instagram @harper.the.bernedoodle

4. The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growthby Christopher Huerst–This book was an incredibly helpful and insightful resource to learn about the more about Enneagram through spiritual lenses. I’ve known about the Enneagram since college, but really started to dive in about 6 months ago and now I’m officially all in. It truly has given language to my motives and things I have always done and I’ve already found it to be a helpful tool for my spiritual growth and marriage. I’ve also started listening to the Typology podcast, went to a two-day workshop led by Ian Cron here in Indy (incredible) and have had tons of conversations with anyone who’s interested. It’s been so, so great and I’m committed to learning more. (also- in case anyone is wondering, I’m a 2 with a strong 1 wing)


5. Ingredient Substitute Charts- I’ve been following a strict anti-inflammatory diet with a nutritionist for the last 10 weeks and I’m just really grateful that people who are good at cooking and baking and chemistry took it upon themselves to make sure ingredient substitution charts are easily accessible via Google when I need an answer sooner than my nutritionist can provide one. I owe them for the best banana bread I’ve ever made with ingredients I can have right now (and keep making about once a week…so good). Thank you, kind people who are good at food.

6. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury– My teaching team decided to last minute have our sophomores read this book and although I was a little hesitant because I hadn’t read it before and dystopian isn’t my favorite, I am completely surprised about how much I’m enjoying this read. Fantastic writing, great characters/plot and reading it in today’s society is fascinating because there are a lot of parallels, even though it was written in the 50s. Having conversations about it and seeing students make important connections reminds me why I love my job; it’s certainly one of my favorite things I get to do. If you’re looking for a good classic, I highly recommend this one!


7. Expedia and Travelocity- for making planning our kinda spontaneous trip to Arizona over spring break possible and cost-efficient. You’ve aided us well and we cannot wait to leave so soon and hike and watch baseball and not be cold for a second (ya know, since Indiana decided it wanted snow this week. NOT MY FAVORITE).


8. Tennis courts- because I’m assistant coaching tennis this spring and I’m loving the opportunity to play again and work with a really great group of girls in a sport I’ve always enjoyed, but haven’t played much of in the past several years. 

9. Party of One: Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness by Joy Beth Smith– Although I am married, this is the second book I’ve read on singleness in the past year. I am drawn to these books for a lot of reasons: it’s a conversation I don’t think the church as a whole has handled very well and I love the church and am committed to its growth, I mentor middle/high school girls and want to provide solid, true, God-honoring advice about dating and singleness that’s not simplistic, and because I desperately needed a good book about singleness when I was in college and it just didn’t exist. But now this one does and it is GOOD. This one is especially great for those who grew up being fed purity-culture dating advice and wasn’t/isn’t satisfied with it. I found it to be helpful tool to debunk some misconceptions about dating relationships and a resource I’m going to be using for a while.

10. Puppy pictures- because if you thought you were leaving this blog post only looking at one picture of Harper, you are sorely mistaken. Also she’s just adorable and looking at pictures of her makes me happy. Hopefully it brings you some joy as well!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Victories | 3.13

  1. As a former teacher, I completely agree…..Tuesdays ARE hard! Thanks for the book recommendations and the puppy pictures. Bernadoodles are just the best!

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